Built-In 5 stage RO system inside with booster pump

Case adopt SUS 304 stainless steel material

LED hot water temperature display

Cold and Hot water temperature adjustment

Highly Efficient, noiseless and low power-consuming compressor

Re-boiling feature convenient for doing coffee ,tea or instant soup

Reserved capacity:Hot water: 5L, Cold water: 3L and Warm water: 10L

Leakage Circuit Breaker

Re-boil function, hot water reaches 100° C directly

Case adopt SUS 304 stainless steel material

High efficiency heat exchange,avoid drinking raw water

Safety for water shortage, overheat, leakage, and power shortage

USA based reverse osmosis membrane

Dimension: D53 X W43 X H135 cm

OsmoTech BD  is the LAN SHAN Water filter machine supplier in Bangladesh.  We are the best water filter companies in Dhaka, offering LAN SHAN LSRO-171 in cheap price. OsmoTech BD  is also well known for Deng Yuan Water filter Machine.

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