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MODEL : THC-1550 
Water Producing Volume :50/75 Gallons/day
Reserve Capacity : 15 litter
Power : 110 ~ 220V,20W, 50 Hz
Temperature : Room Temperature
Dimension : L28cm * W34 *H 46 (cm)
Country of origin : Accessories from USA
& Assembled in Taiwan

Deng Yuan THC 1550

Deng Yuan THC 1550 is one of the most popular water purifier machine. This machine originally made from USA and assembled in Taiwan, it has 15 litter reverse capacity. You can set up deng yuan machine in room temperature.

OsmoTech is the best Quality water filter machine supplier company in Bangladesh. we are offering Hot cold and normal water purifier machine in cheap price.

Water is such an important thing for our daily life; we cannot spend a single day without water.  Clean and safe water is really important for every people.

Best Water Purifier in Bangladesh

We need water in different purposes like cooking, drinking, washing, brushing, bathing etc.  Pure water makes our life healthier, it is also essential for the hygiene purpose. Drinking unsafe water is also dangerous for our health.

So, it’s really important for us to drink safe water. There are lots of water purifier machines available in market, among them Deng Yuan is one of the best Water Purifier machine. OsmoTech BD is the best water purifier company in Bangladesh.

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